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Potius Commercial Design Guides

Potius Floor and Roof Panels

Potius Commercial Brochure

Potius Panels

Potius Product Guide

Potius Panels

Potius Span Tables

A Brief History of Potius Development

Nelson College Classrooms Acoustic Report

Residential Design Guides

Potius Panels

Potius Residential Brochure

Potius Residential Guide

Intertenancy Acoustic Details
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Intertenancy Acoustic Details

Potius Insulation Brochure

Industry Design Guides

The NZ Wood Design Guides is a growing suite of information, technical and training resources created to support the use of wood in the design and construction of the built environment. Each title has been written by experts in the field and is the accumulated result of years of experience in working with wood and wood products.

Designing for Prefabrication

Floor and Roof Cassette Systems

Construction Guidance for Timber Buildings

Healthy Homes Guide

Potius Building Systems in the News

Mayfair Theatre

Mayfair Theatre Potius Panels

Kaiuma Bay

Waimea College Potius Panels

Beatrice Tinsley Building

Beatrice Tinsley Building, Potius Panels

Ashburton Civic  Centre

Ashburton Civic Centre Potius Panels

Marian College

Hutt Valley Health Hub Potius Panels

Strangs House

Strangs House Potius Panels