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Box Beam Configuration
Box Beam Configuration

Potius™ Panels offer an engineered timber panel system that is a lightweight and fast alternative to conventional flooring and roof structures. Since 2013, we now also design and manufacture offsite built pre-insulated wall and roof panels for rapid & efficient installation.


Potius™ Panels are constructed from a variety of locally produced engineered wood products, made from trees sustainably forested in New Zealand. They are engineered to span up to 12m, lightweight, fast to install, need no propping and are competitively priced.

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Potius Pods

Potius is manufacturing 30m2 pods to comply with the new New Zealand Building Code Schedule 1 rules. These can be customised to suit your needs or you can take one already made. If you want a bathroom or a kitchen we can do that too...including the required building consent or exemption. Give us a call to discuss your options.

Andy Van Houtte Joins Potius

Andy has spent 18 years in the engineering consultancy and wood manufacturing industries in various roles including management, engineering, production, sales, and other disciplines. Andy is Chartered Professional Engineer, an active member of the timber Industry and involved is a number of technical societies. Gavin and Andy have known each other since the inception of Potius and when the opportunity arose to join Potius it was a natural fit.

First Place - WPMA and NZ Wood Timber Design Award

Potius is thrilled to have won the "Wood & Fibre Products & Innovation award" with our project "Smith House"


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