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Box Beam Configuration
Box Beam Configuration

Potius™ Panels offer a engineered timber panel system that is a lightweight and fast alternative to conventional flooring and roof structures. Since 2013, we now also design and manufacture offsite built pre-insulated wall and roof panels for rapid & efficient installation.


Potius™ Panels are constructed from a variety of locally produced engineered wood products, made from trees sustainably forested in New Zealand. They are engineered to span up to 12m, lightweight, fast to install, need no propping and are competitively priced.

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Potius™ Panels Span Tables
This document outlines the benefits and features of the Potius™ Panels system as well as indicative costings and span tables. Note that the pricing should be adjusted to allow for inflationary changes.
Potius A3 2013 Web & Email Version.pdf
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