Potius™ Residential Floor, Wall & Roof Panels

Morepork Bach in Marlborough Sounds made from Potius Panels
Morepork Bach in Marlborough Sounds

The Potius™ System consists of prefabricated wall, floor and roof panels using LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) with selected insulation and linings.  


LVL is a premium engineered manufactured lumber, with the benefits of increased strength, and density, and dimensional stability which is not constrained on length.  This replaces the whole timber frame and batts used in traditional construction.

Cross-section view of Potius Wall, Roof & Floor Panels
Cross-section view of Potius Wall, Roof & Floor Panels


Insulation options: R1.8-R4 (Second spray option for R4-R8)
Walls Thicknesses: 90, 140 & 190mm

Roof Thicknesses: 140, 190, 240, & 300mm

Floor Thicknesses: 140, 190, 240, & 300mm

Width: up to 3.0m
Length: up to 12.0m


Each panel is made up of a LVL timber frame with spray foam insulation finished with Plywood (for flooring) or OSB (for walls and roofs).

Why Choose Potius™ Building Systems?


LVL is a premium engineered manufactured lumber, with the benefits of increased strength, and density, and dimensional stability.

Custom Engineering is provided on panels to maximise structural efficiency.

High Insulation Values

Less thickness required to get R rating – eg R1.0 = 21mm. You choose your insulation requirements during design.  Advanced options of isolated thermal frames, staggered studs and less nogging to reduce thermal bridging.

Built for NZ Conditions

Capable of handling New Zealand’s harsh conditions, seismic activity, high wind loads, and coastal exposure.


Standardised connection details increase repeatability and robustness.

Environmentally friendly

Manufactured in Nelson, minimising shipping distances and supporting local jobs and industry. 

Insulation foam is made from 20% recycled materials.

Prefabrication reduces waste on site.

Built predominantly of timber our panels store carbon in the form of Cellulose, absorbed from the atmosphere during their growth stage.

Air Tightness

Prefabrication in controlled conditions provides an airtight panel resistance to mould and moisture.

Spray foam creates full cover with no gaps creating high performance.

Significantly higher than average results in air-tightness testing.

Internal wrap can be added to increase air tightness.


Potius Panels can be configured to provide different fire ratings, acoustic demands, architectural finishes, insulation needs and service requirements.  






Fewer site deliveries saving on transport costs

Reduced on-site labour

Potential savings in cost of materials as the natural aesthetic of wood can be left untreated/covered.

Rapid Construction

In the time it takes to stand a timber frame you can be enclosed and starting on the interior.  Faster installation as panels are precision cut to finished design and quick to lift into place.

Reduced Time on Site

LVL panels are easily cut and shaped with normal power tools. Also suitable for screw type fixings and gluing, all achievable with hand tools. 

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