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Gavin Robertson

Gavin Robertson

Andy Van Houtte

Andy Van Houtte

Potius Building Systems Ltd was incorporated in Sept 2007 to develop and market a new structural floor and/or roof system which offers crucial solutions for NZ's construction and engineering industries in a post-GFC, post earthquake environment. Since 2013 we have also added pre-insulated wall and roof panels to the systems we provide. Potius has grown from humble beginnings where we rented factory space month by month to now keeping a dedicated factory going fulltime. 


Potius BSL is directed by Gavin Robertson and Andy Van Houtte.


Gavin, a structural engineer, originally came up with the concept for the panels in 2006 and prototyped them for 18 months before launching the business in 2007-08.


Andy has spent 18 years in engineering consultancy and the wood manufacturing industry in various roles including management, engineering, production, sales, and other disciplines. Andy is Chartered Professional Engineer, an active member of the timber Industry and involved in a number of technical societies. 


Being closely located to Nelson Pine Industries Ltd (NPIL), where the LVL & MDF is manufactured, has allowed close collaboration during development and for supply of components.  "We have worked closely with NPIL on many occasions and it's this type of relationship that is key to building successful business partnerships. We have greatly appreciated their ongoing support."


Gavin & Andy Van Houtte 'Load Testing' a prototype panel in 2006
Gavin & Andy 'Load Testing' a prototype panel in 2006

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