Potius™ Pre-insulated Wall Panels

Potius™ Wall Pre-insulated Panels
Potius™ Wall Pre-insulated Panels

Since 2013 we have also started offering offsite-built, pre-insulated wall and roof panels which are made using LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) and MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) skins.


Potius™ Pre-insulated Wall Panels are fabricated in quality assured conditions and transported to your site, where they can be easily lifted into position using a hiab or manhandled for smaller spans. They can be configured to provide different fire ratings, acoustic demands, architectural finishes, insulation needs and service requirements.


The MDF is insulated with a polyurethene foam and primed, ready for top coat of paint once installed. A hiab or small crane lifts the panels into place onsite and the unit can then have services run (through factory-installed conduits if required) and then clad.


The image shown is of a two story unit being assembled in our factory.

Potius™ Panels Span Tables
This document outlines the benefits and features of the Potius™ Panels system as well as indicative costings and span tables.
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